About me

Who we are

Xelcore has a diversified supplier base, purchasing merchandise from approximately 2,700 domestic and foreign suppliers.

Xelcore recognizes that sustaining strong relationships with our suppliers is crucial. The company’s supplier principles detail strict expectations of all suppliers that conduct business with xelcore. Principles include expectations on business ethics, working conditions, safe products, social responsibility and environmental impact.

How it began

Xelcore pioneered e-commerce in 2019 with the introduction , one of the first online electronics pendant websites. The site has since grown to be an integral part of xelcore’s omnichannel approach to retail. The site is optimized for tablet and mobile devices, and the online inventory is also accessible on xelcore’s mobile application, available on apple ios and android. We can be viewed at tens of thousands of in-store point-of-sale registers and mobile devices, allowing associates to check merchandise availability in all xelcore stores, as well as place orders on the spot. All we orders can be shipped and returned to any xelcore store across the country.

As a company founded on the golden rule, we have a strong legacy of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Through our charitable giving program, xelcore cares, xelcore and its customers have helped to address some of the most pressing issues facing our communities today. Supporting the communities we serve goes well beyond philanthropic efforts ? It’s also about making mindful decisions in all of our operations, whether in stores, supply chain, customer service centers or international offices.